Cell type gene expression markers

This is a list of gene expression markers are used to define cell types. Green rows indicate canonical markers (classical markers used to define the cell type).

Summary: 8286 associations (178 cell types, 4679 gene symbols, 29 tissues); Last updated: 27/03/2020 10:44:00 CET


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Gene expression markers for Airway epithelial cells

Vote(s) Species Official gene symbol UI Sensitivity (human) Sensitivity (mouse) Specificity (human) Specificity (mouse) Marker count Cell type Germ layer Organ Aliases Product description Disease Action
Mm Hs AQP1 0.037 NA NA 0.018 0.042 12 Airway epithelial cells Endoderm Lungs CHIP28,CO aquaporin 1 (Colton blood group) Yflag
Mm Hs ADH7 0.006 NA NA 0.004 0.006 2 Airway epithelial cells Endoderm Lungs ADH-4 alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (class IV), mu or sigma polypeptide flag
Mm Hs CDH1 0.056 NA NA 0.042 0.057 15 Airway epithelial cells Endoderm Lungs uvomorulin,CD324,UVO cadherin 1 Yflag
Mm Hs SEC14L3 0.006 NA NA NA NA 3 Airway epithelial cells Endoderm Lungs TAP2 SEC14 like lipid binding 3 flag

Datasets with computationally identified Airway epithelial cells

No data identified with this cell type.